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The Girls Gymnasium
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The Girls Gymnasium (22, Sovetskaya Steet). Across the street you can see a long single-story wooden construction. Since 1864 it was used as a school for girls. According to records of those days, the school never lacked students and by late October they would be almost 70 in number. Some years later the school was turned into a gymnasium. Despite a great number of educational institutions, young people who went to gymnasia were few, because at that time access to general education institutions by the poor was limited. Nevertheless, from time to time the town authorities sponsored the education of poorer pupils. The report of the Mayor of Peresavl regarding festivities on the occasion of the coronation of Nicholas II in 1896 says:
1. ...Establish scholarships for 10 poor pupils of the gymnasium for girls and 10 poor pupils of the town college and pay annual fees for their education.
2. Organize festivities with decent confectionery and pastry for pupils of the towns educational institutions and hand out 500 brochures and 500 pictures of the sacred coronation...
3. During the festivities provide food and refreshments for people and hand out brochures.
4. Decorate public buildings and educational institutions with flags and illuminate them.
5. For the above purposes put up to 700 rubles at the disposal of the town administration...
The document proves that during such events educational institutions were given priority attention. It was education that entitled a person to the adjective intelligent and allowed one to participate in the towns social life. Today the former gymnasium houses a Public Employment Agency.

The Girls Gymnasium
Public Employment Agency

Mansion of Varentsov
(administration of the national park Plesheevo lake)

Orphanage (Regional Office of Public Prosecutor)