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Kleshin. Near the Alexanders Hill between two ravines on top of a flat hill there are remains of Pereslavls predecessor the ancient settlement of Kleshin, dated early 12th century. The height of the ancient town varied from three to eight meters, the rampart perimeter - about five hundred meters. In the past this fortified site used to be the center of Slavonic settlements. The structures included the aldermans house, garrison quarters and a wooden church. Outside the rampart, at the place of the present day Gorodische village, there was a Posad. Excavations of the19th and the 20th centuries revealed various household items, decorations of Merya and Slavonic people, as well as European and Arabic coins as an evidence of active land and river trade. The land abundant in forests provided plenty of goods for trade with the West: honey, furs, painting and tanning agents, and wax. Kleshin still existed in the 15th century as a trading center though all the administrative functions were handled by Pereslavl Noviy (now Pereslavl-Zalesky). Today the coast of Plescheyevo lake with its unique natural sights and cultural monuments constitutes a whole historical site with many places of interest for the local people and numerous visitors of the town.