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MuseumEstate The Little Boat of Peter the Great
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MuseumEstate The Little Boat of Peter the Great
Pereslavl region. The Little Boat Square
Phone: (48535) 38100, (48535) 32788
Working hours: 10.0017.00 (October-April); 10.0018.00 (May-September)
Closed on Mondays

The museum-estate The Little Boat of Peter the Great, located 4 km from Pereslavl, stands on the southwestern bank of Lake Plescheevo. A unique and scenic Russian museum, it owes its existence to Peter the Great. Here, at the end of the 17th century, the tsar built his Funny Fleet, which represented the founding of the Russian Navy. The only boat that has survived is The Fortuna. Made by Peter himself, as local legend has it, it is kept in a building constructed specifically for this purpose in 1803.
   All the exhibits in the museum are unique and date to the distant epoch of Peter the Greats younger years. This is what remains of the Funny Fleet and the tsars workshop, which was situated on Gremyach Hill. The museum also houses the exhibition hall Rotonda where visitors can see luxurious interiors of the 18th century. Those who wish to take part in the original interactive program Assembly of Peter the Great, staged by the museum, can do so by making an application in advance.

MuseumEstate The Little Boat of Peter the


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