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The Alexanders Hill
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The Alexanders Hill. In the first millennium the area around Lake Plescheyevo, then abundant in animals and game, was populated by Finno-Ugric tribes of Meryas (also Mera). The center of their settlement in the present Pereslavl area was on the top of a steep hill in the Northeastern part of the lake with a well-built fortress (Gorodische) Archeologists suspect that it was also the original location of the Blue Stone — the object of worship of the Meryas and pagan Slavonic people who came to the lake area in the 9th to 11th centuries from Novgorod and Dnepr lands. On top of the hill the Slavs organized observances to honor Yarila, the Sun God. The hill has a number of popular names: Yarilas Patch and Bald Mountain. The most common name, however, is Alexanders Hill. In the 13th century, on the way from Novgorod to his native place, Alexander Nevskiy founded the Alexanders Monastery of Boris and Gleb, which is believed to have been the home base of the Prince. The remains of the structure were found in the 19th century during excavations. The newspapers of the time confirm that the place remained very popular with local people even in the 19th century, with annual festivals held on the 26th of May, gathering the whole town, especially the youth. Today the top of the Alexanders Hill is a perfect spot to enjoy the view of the natural and historical sights of Pereslavl.


Sunset at the Lake Plesheevo

Alexanders Hill