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   The road from Pereslavl to Zagorsk is one of the most beautiful in the heart of the country, the forests rising all around Once used to the sight, it is so easy to turn the wheel.... This was said by a well-known writer, Mikhail Prishvin, who admired the scenery of Pereslavl more than any other place in Russia. Today, 70 years later, Pereslavl-Zalessky attracts a great number of tourists. Many parts of this picturesque Russian town retain the memory of important events in its remarkable history. Among the silent witnesses of them are ancient cathedrals and churches, unique exhibits in local museums and civil constructions from olden times. In the course of centuries, the image of the town has been constantly changing. In recent years, the town's streets have accommodated many new buildings, shops, restaurants and hotels.
   West Hotel (Hotel Zapadnaya), which occupies a small area of the right river bank, was constructed in 2002 at the site of the ancient Posad. This site is of particular interest for the town's history. Here, in the 14th century, the ancient settlement of Pereslavl (then bearing the name of Posad) was founded, and the local merchants built numerous boat moorings here. There used to be warehouses with living quarters for people engaged in all sorts of trade. Many of them were not residents and once their deals were finished they took their boats and continued their journeys. In 1847 Posad was destroyed in a great city fire, and was replaced by trading quarters which existed till early 1900s.
West Hotel
   West Hotel (Hotel Zapadnaya) is a modern hotel for those who value comfort and excellent service above all else.
   Here guests of the town will always find a warm reception and heartfelt hospitality.
West Hotel
Author and text compiler — N.N. Ermakova
Translated by Svetlana Kuprina
West Hotel (Hotel Zapadnaya) •
Authors extended version, 2006

Photographic art — M.B. Kaygorotsev, D.. Koryakin, A.N. Schegolskaya
Illustrations — D.B. Kasakov, M.B. Kaygorotsev, .B. Lobanova, N.U.Mayorova
Design and layout — O. B Kasakova
Proof reader — Eric Fenster

The authors used historical and cultural records of the region, records of the Duma of Pereslavl of the late 19th century and documents of the state archives. The author expresses a gratitude to E.K. Shadunz for informational assistance.

Photographic materials for large-format illustrations — Shegolskaya Anna Sergeevna . (Publications: New World macazine; booklets and calendars. Some of her works can be found in private collections, in Russia and abroad).