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Small Rooms
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Small Rooms (1, Komsomolskaya Square). Pereslavl-Zalessky is remarkable for its old wooden apartment houses of the late 19th and early 20th centuries built by factory owners for their workers. Among these buildings are the so-called Small Rooms on Komsomolskaya Square. In 1849 two Moscow merchants, Vasiliy and Martimian Borisovskiy, bought from merchant Kumanin a canvas factory in Pereslavl. To install a cotton thread mill there, the merchants decided to use up to a million rubles of their capital. It did not take them long to install and commission a machine of 20,088 spindles and build facilities including a two-storied dormitory for unskilled workers. The residents did not pay for lodging. A duty person was assigned to tidy up rooms, wake up workers at 5 a.m. and serve them tea. Today the workers dormitories are redesigned as apartments.