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   Pereslavl is a small beautiful Russian town. Its little houses and cottages hugging the road and the elegant tops of Russian Orthodox churches showing in the distance are remarkable sights! What a picture of tranquility is the radiant blue of Lake Plesheevo set in the green of rolling high hills! In summer, the buildings swim in a sea of greenery, in winter the town transforms into a white kingdom. The ancient and the modern, the extraordinary and the ordinary combine here in perfect harmony. The blocks of modern buildings alternating with market-places, schools and nursery schools occupy the suburbs of Pereslavl. The towns population is 45,000. Pereslavl has nine schools of general education, a vocational school, a film-making college and a university offering education in applied mathematics and software systems. The largest enterprise of Pereslavl is the Slavich Company, a producer of photographic paper, holographic images, wraps and many other related products.
   The Pereslavl Ceramics factory keeps alive the traditions of the old local art of pottery making.
   The houses assembled at the Pereslavl Modular Buildings retain warmth in winter and remain cool in summer. They are erected all over Russia with fabulous speed and ease due to a unique construction technology. Products known for their excellent qualities are made by the Pereslavl bread-baking plant and cheese factory. The products are very popular with residents and guests of the city, who frequently buy cheese, butter and baked goods directly from the factory.
   Pereslavl is famous for its embroidery factory New World, the largest embroidery operation in Russia. The Pereslavl region is proud of its mastery of old folk crafts, the most popular of which are wood carving and wood painting. A great assortment of local produce can be found in souvenir shops at 27 Rostovskaya Street (in the building of the hotel Pereslavl), and 12 Sovetskaya Street.
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Family books: 27, Rostovskaya Str. (in the building of the hotel Pereslavl)
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