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Smolensko-Korniliyevskaya Church
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Smolensko-Korniliyevskaya Church, 1694–1705
43, Gagarin Street
Situated in the western part of the town, the Smolensko-Korniliyevskaya Church is close to the St. Nicolas Monastery. Before 1764 this was the location of the “sandbuilt” Boris and Gleb Monastery. The legend says it was founded at the burial place of the Pereslavl warlord Zhidislav and a princess of Tver in 1252 after the Tatar invasion. The name of the cloister is related to Saint Kornily the Silent and was highly revered in Pereslavl. He died in 1693 and his relics were re-discovered in 1705. The money for the construction of the Church of the Smolenskaya Icon of the Mother of God with the refectory, cells and the belfry was donated by the tsarina Natalia Alexeevna. The church cemetery became the burial place for many prominent citizens. The church belfry collapsed in 1988. Since 1996 the church has been assigned to the Saint Nicolas Monastery and now the citizens of the city cherish the hope that the church will be restored.