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Pavlov Mansion House
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Pavlov Mansion House (5, Sovetskaya Street). In the center of the rampart circle almost opposite the Church of Alexander Nevsky stands an old wooden mansion house which belonged to a factory owner, Sergey Petrovich Pavlov. Like his ancestors he was an honorable citizen of Pereslavl and became known by his participation in town self-government and his charity. He contributed to care for orphans, donated money for the education of gifted children, and gave dowries to brides from poor families. In 1882 the owner of this mansion house, together with delegates of Pereslav in Saint Petersburg, endowed a Declaration of Utter Loyalty to Alexander III taking the throne. Pereslavl citizens Pavlov and Kumanin personally presented the tsarina with the samples of their production — a piece of red bunting and canvas. The S.P.Pavlov's textile factory specialized in dying and printing cotton fabrics. The first floor of the house was built in the middle of the 19th century, while the main entrance with a veranda and a porch with a glassed-in terrace were constructed in the early 20th. The decorative elements of the facades contribute to the vivacious elegance of the house. Several rooms inside the house have ceilings adorned with elaborate plasterwork. Outside you can still see two brick outhouses and a coach-house. An open veranda overlooks what remains of the fountain. At present the oldest house is occupied by the Administration of Pereslavl Municipal District.

Fire station (Emergency Medical Service)

Pavlov Mansion House
(Administration of Pereslavl Municipal District)