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   Today, Pereslavl, with its monuments of ancient history and picturesque landscapes, is seen as a potential centre for tourism and recreation. New hotels are built, monasteries and convents are restored, land development and infrastructural improvements are under way. Travel agencies offer sight-seeing tours around Pereslavl and its suburbs. The Pereslavl Tourist and Excursion Agency (27, Rostovskaya Street, office 102, phone((48535) 31353)) offers assistance in securing accommodation and catering.
   Today, in addition to traditional excursions, you are offered an opportunity for more active recreation such as canoeing, rafting, hiking, skiing ( Pereslavl-Tour Agency: 16, The 50-th Anniversary of Komsomol Street, office 16, phone(48535) 39584).
   A recent attraction is that admirers of folk entertainment programs may visit The Berendey House, where they can taste drinks and dishes made according to old Russian recipes. (You can make advance applications by phone: (48535) 34591)).
   Those who seek memorable sensations and are not afraid of heights can make an air-balloon trip on a calm, windless day (phone: 905 136 01 44, (48535) 98128, 26303) or go for hang-gliding. (Pereslavl region,Yam village, Melniza tavern, phone (48535) 41633, 903 768 4317)) If you are keen on horseback riding, you are invited to a riding school in the village of Svyatovo in the Pereslavl region (phone: (48535) 47719).
   Since 2005, the towns central beach has offered holidaymakers boats to rent in the summer. On Fridays and weekends the disco club Armada, located in the northern part of the town on the Mendeleev square, awaits dance buffs in the evening. Residents and guests of the city can play billiards and visit the restaurant of the entertainment center Navigator, which was recently opened near the modern micro housing districts. Here one can also have a look at masks of literary and fairy tale personages known to the local people since their childhood. The paper-mache figurines are made by the local craftsman, Potapov (1, Mayakovskiy Street, phone (48535) 36415).
   Nowadays many traditions are observed in Pereslavl-Zalessky. On the last days of July, the town of Pereslavl and the Navy hold their anniversaries. The citizens and the guests of Pereslavl are invited to take part in outdoor sports activities and visit trade fairs. They will see spectacular theatrical and entertainment programs and have an opportunity to admire fireworks. Youth Day is celebrated the last Saturday of July with music, dances and a festive spirit of real fun! Fans of active recreation, socializing and romantic settings are welcome to participate in the Annual Song Festival on the bank of Lake Plescheevo the first weekend of August. Shrovetide with its pancakes, funny contest games and the burning of a straw effigy of Winter is especially popular among Pereslavl's residents and guests. If you seek unforgettable impressions, come spend Christmas in the Pereslavl Fine Arts Museum around a bright hot campfire.