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The Temerins Manor
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The Temerins Manor (10, Krasniy side-street). From Rostovskaya street opens a view to the most ancient private estate of the city a manor of early 19th century which used to belong to the Temerin family. (The members of the family were factory owners and honorary citizens of the town. Peter Alexandrovich Temerin was the city mayor for a number of years). Next to the manor there are remains of the 18th century workhouse and two backyard buildings. The architects consider one of them was a stable and the one was a kitchen placed outdoors to prevent cooking smokes and odors from spreading through the main building. The ground floor of the mansion was used for the butlery, the pantry, and the cloak room, while the parlor and the living rooms were placed on the first floor. In some rooms one can still see stove tile, fretwork and parts of the old interior. At present the manor is used as the local Military Commissariat (enlistment office).

Rostovskaya and Svoboda Str. Intersection

The Temerins Manor (the city Military Commissariat)